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May 23, 2018

First Time Home Buyers #2




Just like with any big decision, timing is very critical. Depending on your situation, timing will mean a few different things. If you are a family with kids, you will probably want to move during the summer months, when the kids aren’t running around with school and extracurricular activities. On the flip side, if you are younger, single or a couple without children, the summer months might be better spent on the beach or in the woods, enjoying the few short summer months of Minnesota. In this scenario, the fall or winter months might be your best bet for shopping houses. There is a good chance your job will play a role in your house hunt as well. Many jobs have slow and busy seasons. Depending on your profession, your seasonal workload might also dictate your time to shop around. Looking for your first home and be a time consuming event, add the actual move and the added stress of work, might not be the best for your mental stamina.

It is also important to note that finding your first home might take longer than you expect as well. Depending on the inventory of your price range and how competitive your market is, it could take a few months for your ideal home to come onto the market. Always try to plan accordingly and discuss average time to purchases with your realtor.

How Long Will You Live There?

The last big thing you should consider before deciding it’s time to buy your first home, is how long you plan on staying put. While the exact length of your stay might be impossible to predict, having a range or ball park of how many years you plan on staying in your house is critical to determining if now is the right time for you to buy.

In the state of Minnesota there can be some serious tax implications for selling your primary residence within 2 years of buying it. In any event, anytime you are considering buying or selling a house you should have a quick talk with your tax professional.

In addition to tax implications, if you are only in your house for a short period, you won’t have built up much equity in your home before it’s time to sell again.


Now in theory this list could have gone on for a very long time, since buying a house is a big decision, there are many things to consider, but these three are arguably the biggest things to consider before taking the plunge and buying your first home. If you have any further questions about buying your first home, contact us @

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March 22, 2018

First Time Home Buyers #1

Buying Process

Buying your first home can be a fun and exciting time but it can also be a time of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Fear not, we are here to help you best understand the process and remove the fear and anxiety of the home buying experience.


The home buying adventure starts like any good story, with the decision to start. Somewhere between graduation, your current lease expiring, or being sick of living in your current housing situation, you might decide to purchase a home of your own. Buying a home is a big commitment and the decision should not be taken lightly, there are several key factors you should consider before buying your first home.


Financial Responsibility

It’s impossible to think about buying a house without talking about numbers, personally, I think you should bite the bullet and look at the numbers right from the get go. Depending on your situation how you look at the numbers will vary. For instance if you are living rent free in a family member’s basement, it’s going to be hard to find a house that is cheaper than that. In general we recommend looking at what you can afford on a monthly basis and working the numbers backwards from there. If you look online typically you will see a few different views or variations on what you should pay each month, you’ll typically see ranges from 25% to 28% of your total monthly take home. So if you take home $1000 a month you could spend $250-280 (1000*.25 and 1000* .28) a month on your monthly mortgage payment. We typically recommend you stay conservative, especially on your first home purchase, always look to buy a house you can afford now, not one you will be able to afford later.


Length of Transaction

The typical real estate transaction can take 30-45 days, but can be extended if you or the sellers need to. This can be valuable information if you need to time PTO from work, the ending of a lease or if you need to schedule friends to help you move. 


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